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Child Safe Window Blind Cord Cleats For Your Home or BusinessPosted 07/04/2014

New legislation aimed at protecting babies, young children and vulnerable adults from the danger of cords and chains has called for the installation of window blind cord cleats, among other safety devices, to be fitted to make new and existing window blinds safer.

At Loveless Cook Blinds we stock a range of cleats, available in 4 finishes, which can be quickly and easily fitted to make the blinds in your customers home safer. The cleats are available in:

Cleats should be fixed to a solid surface using screws provided. It is important that they are positioned high enough to remain out of reach of children, yet be accessible to adults. Once in place cords can be wound around the cleat in a ‘figure of eight’ manner.

If you would like more information about child safety devices, for use both in the home and businesses, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01603 789678 or emailing

More information can also be found on the Make it Safe website.

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