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Some Spring Inspiration for Your ClientsPosted 25/04/2024

Spring Inspiration

Despite the chilly weather, there are some definite signs of spring in the air here in the East of England – with forget-me-nots and bluebells and daffodils giving a burst of colour to countryside made verdant by the… er… persistent rainfall! We’ve got some spring inspiration to share with you that you can pass on to your clients, helping them bring the fresh energy of the season into their homes!

Floral Patterns

Spring is synonymous with blooms! Floral patterns are a fantastic way to introduce a touch of spring cheer. From delicate watercolours to bold botanical prints, there's a floral style to suit every taste. Blinds featuring floral motifs can add a touch of whimsy and elegance to a room, and pair beautifully with light, airy fabrics and natural textures.

Pastel Colours

As nature awakens, it does so in a palette of soft, calming pastels. Think pale blues reminiscent of forget-me-nots, gentle pinks like blooming cherry blossoms, and soft yellows that echo daffodils. Pastel coloured blinds can create a light and airy feel, perfect for capturing the essence of spring.  They also offer a versatile backdrop that allows bolder accent pieces to shine.

Geometric Shapes

Spring isn't just about florals! The clean lines and fresh colours often associated with geometric patterns can also evoke the energy and optimism of the season. Think honeycomb patterns reminiscent of beehives, or triangles that mimic budding leaves. Geometric blinds can add a touch of contemporary flair to a space, and their graphic nature pairs well with natural materials like wood and woven textures.

Unveiling the Perfect Spring Look

By incorporating these design elements – floral patterns, pastel colours, and geometric shapes – your clients can create a home environment that reflects the vibrancy of spring. To help them visualise these spring trends, consider contacting Loveless Cook Blinds for a selection of samples and pattern books to share with your clients this season. Let's work together to help them bring the beauty of spring indoors!

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