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    Any Style, Any Size, Any Colour: Savings on INTU BlindsPosted 09/10/2018

    Intu Blinds Special Offer on Bulk Orders

    INTU blinds are the fabulous modern clip-in blinds that require no drilling to install. These blinds are tensioned - so no annoying rattle when you open a door or window - and completely child safe. They are available in a variety of styles and fabrics and right now our ongoing promotion is offering huge savings on bulk purchases. 

    Any Style 

    INTU blinds are available in the following styles: 
    • Timeless Roller - a simple and elegant window dressing.
    • Classic Venetian - horizontal slats can be angled to vary the amount of light entering through the window.
    • Contemporary Pleated and Cellular - sunlight filtered through pleated blinds can soften the texture of a room. Pleated and cellular blinds can be fitted so they are top-down only or multizone.

    Any Size 

    INTU blinds can be tailored to fit any window or door where your customer would like to fit them. Because they clip inside the frame of the window, Intu blinds can be fitted to tilt-and-turn windows and glazed doors - making them particularly suitable for conservatories and orangeries. 

    Any Colour 

    As with all of the blinds supplied by Loveless Cook Blinds, your customers can choose from a huge range of patterned and plain-coloured  fabrics. The frames of the blinds are available in white, silver and brown to complement uPVC, aluminium or wooden window frames. 

    Our Offer 

    We’ve got some fantastic savings to be made on bulk orders of up to 30 blinds! 

    Intu blinds bulk order savings

    To take advantage of our incredible offer on INTU blinds,  register for a trade account  with Loveless Cook Blinds. We have regular special offers and members can browse our full catalogue. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ring our office on 01603 789678 or email 

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    This offer is valid while stocks last and cannot be used in combination with other offers.