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Selection of Curtain Tracks from SunflexPosted 14/08/2014

An often over-looked part of your windows are the curtain tracks; a fitting that is vital to the smooth operation of your curtains. A good curtain track, whether plastic or aluminium, can be more than just another fitting; they can add a touch of class to any window dressing.

If you are thinking of adding curtains to one of your windows or are just looking to refresh your décor, then we have a great selection of curtain tracks available from Sunflex:

  • HD Standard Drape Uncorded: This track from Harrison Drape comes with fittings and is very versatile. Fitting instructions are in every pack and it is easily cut to size.
  • Swish Deluxe: The Deluxe track from Swish is suitable for straight and bay windows and can be easily cut to size. Cording sets are available as are extension brackets with fitting instructions included in every pack.
  • Swish Sologlyde: Available in a range of sizes from 125cm to 275cm, the Sologlyde track from Swish is suitable for straight windows whilst also being flexible enough. Should you wish, its clip over glider allows for the curtains to cover the track closed. It also has an extra eye for additional blackout linings.
  • Universal PVC Curtain Track: Universal's PVC Curtain track is flexible and ideal for light to medium weight curtains. An easy to assemble track, with fitting instructions included in every pack and complete with fittings.

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Sologlyde Curtain Track