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Keep Your Blinds Child SafePosted 21/10/2014

Child safety is never an issue that should be taken lightly. Ever since February 2014, the British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA) implemented new changes to their legislation on what safe standards are for blind manufacture to ensure they are as safe as possible and pose no risk to children. Not everyone will want to replace their old blinds just to make them child safe, so we also offer a range of products designed specially to be fitted to existing blinds to make them safer and comply with new regulations.

In-built safety devices

At Loveless Cook, we make sure to follow the BBSA's regulations and ensure we only supply blinds that meet these standards. Roller blinds that we provide as a part of our made to measure service have safety devices built into them as standard or use shutting mechanisms that bypass the need for safety devices, such as the cordless systems used in the Senses range. If you assemble blinds yourself or want to provide products to your customers to make their existing blinds safe we are here to help in that area too.

External safety devices

There are many different types of device available that can make blinds safe. Many of these devices are suitable for all kinds of blinds whereas others are designed to fix problems with particular blinds, such as specifically being used for Roman blinds.

  • Cord/Chain Tidies: This safety box can be used with all cord and chain controlled roller or vertical blinds. Secured to an adjacent wall, they make the opening mechanism taught and inaccessible to young children, containing the cord at a safe height inside the box.
  • Safety Clip/P-Clip: These wall-mounted clips can be used to hang the cord and chain at a safe height out of the reach of children.
  • Cleat: A common feature on Roman blinds, cleats can be used to wrap and secure loose cords and chains on roller and vertical blinds too. Make sure to secure the cord after each operation of the blind.
  • Chain Break Connector: Used with cord and chain roller or vertical blinds, these connectors break apart under undue pressure so that the chain cannot be pulled or tugged. They can be easily reassembled.
  • Rear Breakaway Cord Connector: This device for Roman blinds is easy to use with no sewing required. It breaks apart under pressure so that the cord cannot be tugged or pulled.
  • 3mm and 4mm Snap-on Cord Guides: Helps to guide the cord of Roman blinds to keep them safer but will snap off when undue pressure is applied.
  • Blind Cord Stoppers: Intended for Roman blinds, these devices help to keep the cord secure and contained while making it easy to still adjust your blinds.
  • Tension Pulley: Tension pulleys can be used with chain and cord controlled roller or vertical blinds to hold them and keep them constantly taught. The head can pivot to allow for adjustment.

With all these devices it is worth remembering that to fit them at a safe height, ensuring the cord or chain is out of the reach of children and you are following regulations. The exact height can vary depending on the device, but if in doubt assume that a height within arm's reach is suitable or consult the guide in the back of the Loveless Cook ‘Made to Measure Price Guide’.

For child safe blinds and devices, be sure to contact us at Loveless Cook on 01603 789678 or e-mail us at

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