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Introducing Panel Blinds For Patio Doors and ScreensPosted 16/07/2014

At Loveless Cook Blinds we are always on the lookout for new, stylish and innovative products to further improve the range of window dressings we stock. One of the latest products we are stocking is a range of panel blinds. With many people choosing to use panel blinds for patio doors, screens and dividers; it demonstrates just how suitable this product is for large and small scale applications alike.

Available with a choice of 3, 4 or 5 track options; these blinds look equally stylish both with complementing tones or striking colour clashes. Other benefits of using panel blinds in the home or workplace include:

  • Wide range of plain or patterned materials to choose from.
  • Multiple uses; can be used either as a blind or to divide a room.
  • Great choice for larger windows or patio doors.
  • Mix and match complementing or clashing designs.

If your customers are looking to liven up their window dressings, or would like a stylish and effective screen to break up larger spaces, panel blinds are a contemporary way of controlling light, glare and privacy in domestic and commercial premises. Many homeowners agree that, despite costing slightly more than traditional window dressings, they provide a practical and stylish solution to their room.

For more information about the range of panel blinds we now stock do not hesitate to contact one of our sales team. You can either call us on 01603 789678 or drop us an email to

Panel blinds for patio doors