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Curtain Liners: Keep Warm This WinterPosted 29/08/2014

Curtains are a great addition to a home, improving the décor of any room and helping to keep the house warm and cosy on an evening. With winter drawing closer, the temperature is sure to drop meaning keeping warm is going to be more important. To help the house stay warmer this winter, consider fitting curtain linings to make curtains even better thermal insulators.

Liners are a roll of fabric that can be attached to existing sets of curtains to improve their insulating properties or their ability to block out unwanted light. Typically they are sold separately as 2 different types of lining, thermal or blackout, depending on their intended use. Thermal linings help curtains keep the house warmer during winter by reflecting heat from the house back towards the interior before it escapes. Once winter has been and gone they don't stop being useful, in summer they help keep the house cool too by reflecting away sunlight from outside.

Linings are simple and easy to install, either attaching to the curtain track directly with hooks or threading through the curtain hooks with curtain tape. To help them go unnoticed once attached, linings are available in a selection of colours to match the inside of the curtains and are not able to be seen when looking at the curtains from the front.

At Loveless Cook Blinds, we have a wide range of curtain liners available in rolls, bales and cut pieces. They are sold in a choice of materials, colours and sizes to suit almost any curtain. If you would like more information about our lining products, including our Made-to-Measure Curtain Service, you contact us direct on 01603 789678 or send an e-mail to

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